An AI powered market place, based on trust and transparency, that brings the Investors, Brokers & Market Experts on one platform.
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Stock Market SEBI Registered Leader advice india
Zambala Stocks brings Retail Investors, Investment Advisory firms/Research Analysts, and brokerage firms under one platform. Retail Investors can see the performance track record of the market experts and follow or subscribe to their investment advisory services for better investing. Zambala Stocks helps to create trust and transparency in the advisory and execution services.It is the only market place where investment advisory is seamlessly integrated with buy/sell order execution.
  • Invest in the US Market

    Now your can trade in the US stock market by opening a US broking in just a few taps.

  • Daily Market Advices

    Get access to public and premium market advices on the app, trade right away.

  • Keep a Watch on your Stocks

    Now you can search for your stocks and follow respective advisory and recommendations.

  • AI Powered Market Place

    An AI powered marketplace that provides you currently trending stocks and stocks with maximum potential upside.

  • Daily Real Time Advisory from leading market experts

    Follow SEBI Registered Market Experts and get their advices on the go!

  • Advance corporate action enabled portfolio watch

    Zambala Stocks enables you to manage all your holdings on a single page. Keep a track of your stocks and their daily performance.